July 14, 2021

(Updated: November 04, 2021)



Polygon Runway


I stumbled across this course via a tweet from @killnicole, which I am forever grateful for. I've wanted to learn how to create 3D work for a very long time but never known how to get started. I'm coming to the end of the course now and I can't recommend it enough.

Keyboard Shortcuts


Shift + A

Open the Add menu. You will find plane, cube etc here


Switch between Edit mode & Object mode


Extrude the highlighted face

Alt + E

You can extrude along normals using this


Toggle proportional editing


Hide the selected object

Alt + H

Unhide any objects


Inset (opposite to extrude)


Seperate objects (useful for detailing)

Alt + Click

Loop Select, click the edge to decide which way to loop

Shift + Right Click

Move/Set the 3D cursor


Divide an object into multiple sections, use the scroll wheel to increase the amount of segments

Numpad 1

Use the preset Y view (to view the opposite side hold CTRL too)

Numpad 3

Use the preset X view (to view the opposite side hold CTRL too)

Numpad 7

Use the preset Z view, defaults to the top (to view the opposite side hold CTRL too)

Shift + D

Duplicate Object


Bevel the corners, scroll for more vertices

CTRL + Shift + B

Rounded Bevel, scroll to round the corners

CTRL + Plus key

Expand Selection

Forward Slash (/)

Local view (isolate what you're working on and hide everything else)

Shift + S

Bring up the Snap menu, perfect for aligning the 3d cursor to a shape without faces


  • Skin - Add Mass to Objects - When you've created your edges or wireframe you can use the skin modifier to build up geometry around that shape. This saves us tonnes of time as we only need to think about the super basic structure and use the modifier to flesh it out.

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