July 14, 2021

(Updated: November 04, 2021)


Everything design-related I find useful and will reference in the future. It also lets me keep my sanity by not scouring the whole web for an article I saw once.

Subscribe worthy newsletters

Dense Discovery

Inspirational/Critical Thinking

I look forward to @KaiBrach's newsletter each week and it never fails to inspire or have some sort of impression on my day. Well worth a subscribe.

Spotify Design

Product Design

These guys write some great articles about product design. They also have some playlists you can listen to whilst designing (which is always a bonus).

Fresh Fonts

For the Font Lovers

Ever wanted to see the latest and best from Type design? @noemistauffer always puts together something magical. She even has a section dedicated to free fonts, which I always appreciate.

It's Nice That

The Don of Design News

It's Nice That has been my go-to for design news and inspiration for years. I have the odd scroll now and then but their weekly email always adds some quality to my inbox.


5 links a day

A long time favourite of mine and Sidebar never scuppers on sending quality content. I'll admit sometimes 5 links can be a little overwhelming to check daily in that case I recommend just going on the site every now and then, you won't be disappointed.

Interview collections

Staff Design

The Individual Contributor Path

I'm a massive fan of anything Brian Lovin does and this is no exception. Brian interviews a great collection of designers and gets some great insights into career growth and the Individual Contributor Path.

Lovers Magazine

Essential Designer Questions

Previously Interface Lovers, Lovers Magazine amplifies the voice of the designer. Asking the essential questions every designer wants to know in order to push and inspire themselves and creatives in the community.

Useful Sites

The Laws of UX


A superb site explaining a collection of design principles that designers can consider when designing a user interface. It's also a stunning website...

Growth Design

Product/Real World

A product designer essential. Each case study dissects the apps user journey/experience and gets into the nitty-gritty of what works and what doesn't, but also how it can be improved (which is the part I enjoy the most).


Simple UI Tips

A great collection of small, digestible tips which can significantly improve your designs or alter your current mindset when designing certain elements or features.



Collect Inspiration

Like Pinterest but much MUCH better. The content you can source and stumble upon here is much better quality than pretty much anything out there. It's better for graphic design but all inspiration is good inspiration, right?



An amazing tool for facilitating design sprints and collaborating with others. You know a product is good when you think less about how to use it and more about creating quality products.


Whiteboard with Friends

A great tool if you ever need to quickly sketch and talk through ideas with colleagues or friends. Simply share a URL and away you go.



In my opinion THE best design tool out there right now. Collaborate with other designer friends, work up prototypes for design sprints and share your work easily with developers. It's pretty much a life saver!


AI Background Removal

Need to remove the background from an image but don't have the time to open Photoshop and do it by hand? Erase.bg makes it super easy and it’s free with a generous 5000x5000 resolution limit.


My go-to article when thinking about layouts and initial setup. A huge helper in defining spacing and starting to understand the fundamentals.

Essential reading when starting on your iconography journey. Again getting that initial setup makes all the difference in making your icons consistent and beautiful to look at.

A great introduction to the different approaches you can take to your guide setup to create consistent icons. I tend to go for the Material design approach but it's whatever works for you.


My design tool of choice and great for designing collaboratively, prototyping and sharing previews. The Figma team are revolutionising design tooling and taking it to another level.

The best time saving tip (apple users only sorry)

Need to quickly take a screenshot on your IPhone and paste it in to Figma? A great tip I found takes advantage of Apple's handoff feature. Once handoff is activated on your Mac and IPhone you can grab your phone > take a screenshot > tap share > hit copy and then on your desktop just paste it straight into Figma! It's saved me tonnes of time and now the wisdom is passed to you.

Useful Plugins

Instance Finder

Component Management

Finding and trimming down your unused components can be a daunting task, this plugin makes it a tonne easier. Have confidence that your components aren't being used anywhere.

Lorem Ipsum

Generate Dummy Text

As designers we always need to quickly add some dummy text, this handles that for you. The Auto-generate feature is also a nice touch and saves a lot of time.


CSS.gg Icon Set

A Solid Set of Icons

A thorough collection of open source icons you can use in any of your projects. Created by @AstritMalsija it's a great set to have in your arsenal as a designer and/or a developer.

Feather Icons


My go-to set of icons when starting a new dev project. Writing JSX? react-feather makes it simple to import feather icons as components and adjust any settings.

Do you know a resource that could benefit another reader and is relevent for this page? Let me know by leaving a short message below and I will take a look!

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