June 12, 2021

(Updated: November 04, 2021)


Having a lack of inspiration can drag any project down and make for some lacklustre design decisions. Here are some sites and other resources to kickstart some ideas.

Curated sites

Personal sites

Anthony Fu

A Project Machine

An incredible talent when it comes to creating great projects and contributing to the dev community. I honestly don't know how he gets so much done in a day!

Brian Lovin

Great Design, Great Content

It should be no surprise that I'm a big fan of Brian's work. In fact there's a lot of elements on his site which have inspired this site. Make sure to checkout his AMA page (it's great).

Paco Coursey

Nav, Transitions and Icons

Paco has done some great work for Vercel and their design system. I can't help but love the focus on using shortcuts and the transitions he uses for his nav menu.

Jesper Vos

Portfolio Site

Jesper's site is one of my favourites to come back too. His projects are exciting, full of interesting interactions and visually beautiful.



Product Studios

A really interesting idea and something I can see becoming a thing of the future.


Digital Design

An exciting studio with some great case studies. They’ve recently redesigned their site and it is looking very good (the interactive gradients and transitions especially)

Savee Collections

I've used Savee for a while now and I love it. I've grown tired of forgetting where I saw that good thing that one time, so now these collections act as an extension of my visual memory.


Any interesting type or adventurous layouts will be added into this collection.


There's so much good 3d work out there it deserves a collection of its own. It will also serve as a good starting point for any Blender work I do.

If I come across any interactions that excite me or put my skills to shame, they will be found in here. I use Kap to grab all of the screen recordings in GIF format.

Do you know a resource that could benefit another reader and is relevent for this page? Let me know by leaving a short message below and I will take a look!

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