June 18, 2021

(Updated: November 04, 2021)


JavaScript is the programming language of the web. You can use it to add dynamic behaviour, store information, and handle requests and responses on a website.

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Javascript Weekly

Weekly Round-Up

A free, once-weekly email roundup of latest JavaScript news and articles. There is some great stuff shared each week and gives you a good sense of the community.

Tania Rascia

No Ads, No Bullshit

@taniarascia has a real gift for making new and potentially confusing concepts simple and easy to understand. This is an essential subscribe (and check out her backlog).

Kent C Dodds

He's a Wizard Harry

Because it's Kent Dodds... Joking but also not joking. I reference a lot of Kent's articles all of the time so I can guarantee you will find something you like.

Just Javascript

The Fundamentals

@dan_abramov is a legend in the React/Javascript community and to top it off he and Maggie Appleton have created this newsletter course to help you understand the fundamentals at a deeper level.

Josh Comeau

Site Envy Included

I followed @JoshWComeau before I subscribed to his newsletter and everything he puts out there is great. Highly recommended (and try not to envy his site too much).


Syntax FM

Podcast Royalty

An invaluable podcast hosted by the one and only Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski. I switch up my podcasts a lot but I listen to these guys every week without fail.


Fun Fun Function is one of my favourite Youtube channels and I have followed him for a while now. Regardless if you are new to JavaScript or been at it a while Matthias is great at explaining daunting topics through simple examples.

An article I come back to time and time again when I spontaneously forget how to use the fetch API (it happens a lot).

@taniarascia has written a great post on the new iterable objects types introduced in ECMAScript 2015. I'm pretty new to Map and Set so this gave me a good understanding of when it could be used.

If you've ever created a plugin in Gatsby this might be familiar to you. @jlengstorf talks us through how to create an AST from markdown and how to manipulate what HTML is output.

I have previously avoided setting up Webpack configs because it's an intimidating feat (relying on create-react-apps built-in config) but, Tania does a great job of explaining the fundamentals in a simple and approachable way. I feel confident that if you took a bit of time to read through the article, you could get your own Webpack project set up in no time.

HTML with Superpowers

Web Components

I found this to be one of the more helpful intros to web components and how useful they could be for the future of web development. As much as I like React I am always an advocate for a simpler web.


Operator Lookup

Handy Javascript Operator Lookup

Forget trying to google those peaky operators you've seen on Stackoverflow (you can't btw google doesn't like it). Josh Comeau has create a great little tool to help us with just that.


NPM module cost

A good sounding board for whether an npm should be installed. If something seems a little large I'll tend to look for something else or build something custom.

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