August 06, 2021

(Updated: November 04, 2021)


This of course will cover a lot of ground but it will mainly focus on any tips or tools which I think improve productivity or workflow.

Spotlight overhaul


Spotlight but better

I came across Raycast via a tweet from @mxstbr and I've got to say it's pretty amazing and improved my productivity and overall workflow tremendously. Quick Links is an amazing feature and I can open code projects quicker than ever!


LoFi Cafe

The best of LoFi

Discovered in @KaiBrach's Dense Discovery issue #139 and I love everything about it: a great aesthetic, a curated selection of channels and shortcuts for easy control.

Window Management


Spectacle but better

Moving to a widescreen monitor meant I needed to focus a lot more on my window management. Being written in Swift means it's super quick and you can tweak all of the shortcuts to match your own preferences.

Sharing files


Share files flawlessly

I like to think of it as weTransfer without the fuss. Forget waiting files to finish uploading to send out the link, share it straight away and let friends/colleagues start downloading simultaneously.


Airdrop alternative

Sometimes I find airdrop to be a little temperamental so this neat little site lets you share files between devices if you are on the same network.

Desk Setup

Creator Setup Inspiration

Feel your work setup is lacking? will give you all the aesthetic feels to get you pumped. Also great to scope out what tools creatives in the industry are using.

Do you know a resource that could benefit another reader and is relevent for this page? Let me know by leaving a short message below and I will take a look!

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